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Sometimes paintings don’t go to plan! This portrait of my gorgeous cousin @fireflystevie is going well, but I’ve painted her mouth a little too high, and too far over to the right.

Sometimes it’s scary when things go wrong but it’s also really fantastic to be brave and try new things!

Her mouth is now repainted, and finishing touches are being added next week!

Thanks to @libbydillon.painter for her amazing encouragement and support with this painting!

@libbydillon.painter runs online oil painting workshops where you can learn how to paint in your own, unique style, even if you are a total beginner! 


Join our beginners oil painting workshop on 22nd April at my studio in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, led by artist Jo Sinclair.

If you are interested in coming please check out the link and get your ticket now!.

Oil Portrait Workshop

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