Draw A Rose In Pencil

Gabrielle Vickery

Artist and Art Instructor

“Thank you for purchasing this course! I’ve got some handy tips for you:

Do take your time and don’t rush.

Pause the video if it goes too fast for you. Speed it up if it goes too slow.

Keep your pencils sharp.

Keep a separate sheet of paper handy to test techniques on before working on your master, if you aren’t sure how it will look.  

Try not to be critical of your work as you won’t see the best results until the very last step.

And most importantly, enjoy the process!”

“Loved it – bite sized, great way to spend an hour or so as a family experiencing something together that none of us have done before. Very special, very relaxing, calming and grounding! Thank you for the opportunity – who knew I could draw a rose?!!”



In this Workshop we’ll learn to draw a classic shaded rose.  We’ll break down each step, starting with the innermost petal and working outwards. Each process is broken down into easy to manage sections. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve when you draw this rose!  It’s a fantastic start to your drawing adventures. 

You can complete this workshop in your own time. Our materials list is a guideline but really you can use whatever materials you might have in your possession.


A4 Paper – Any A4 paper will do (not watercolour paper)
HB pencil
3B/4B pencil
Kitchen towel

Links to art materials that we like: https://thearthouseoasis.com/art_materials_pencils/.


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Well done for creating a beautiful piece of art, you are amazing!

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