Pencil Materials

Pencil Supplies

If you haven’t got time to trawl the net for supplies, below are some suggested items, mostly on Amazon. These options were the most cost effective brands that we could find at the time of upload, and are tailored for absolute beginners.

PLEASE NOTE: Items online do change over time so it’s always worth looking around for the best deals.

Plain Pencils

Coloured Pencils

Thick Mechanical Eraser

Fine Mechanical Eraser

Pencil Workshop Materials List

Standard A4 Paper

Any smooth paper will do (not watercolour paper).

2 plain (graphite) pencils

We will usually use an HB pencil and a softer pencil ie. 4B.

Coloured pencils

For coloured pencil workshops only.

Sharpener and a tub for havings

For mixing paint. A white ceramic plate is also fine, as watercolour will wash off nicely.

An eraser

Any rubber that you can use with a fine point. We like mechanical erasers because you can hold them like a pencil.


In case we need to do any measuring.

Kitchen roll

Because it can get messy!

A standard size tin of beans

To help us draw easy circles.

A drink

With a gentle setting so that we can experiment and dry our work.

Tin of beans

To help us draw circles.

Now you have your materials, are you interested in a live workshop?