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Free mini art videos?

Hey guys, I need your feedback!
I’ve been thinking about making regular short videos with mindfulness in mind. These would be step by step sketching videos where you can draw something in just 10 minutes.
I like to think that these videos would be helpful for anyone who likes to draw but hasn’t got the time, or anyone who needs a little calming time for themselves, but they need more confidence to get started with drawing.
The videos would be simple enough that kids could also join in too. Once the video is completed and the subject drawn out, it would then be over to the viewer to colour them in.
These videos would be free, and available anytime on my website, and here’s an example of what they might look like.
(Feel free to do this drawing!)
I would take your requests too, so if you wanted to draw a sausage dog for example, I could teach you!
I’d love your honest feedback on this idea.
Do you think you would be interested in drawing along?
Would your kids?
These videos do take a bit of work so if you honestly think it’s a waste of time because of what’s available on YouTube then please do let me know. I’ll only do them if you guys want them.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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