Gabrielle Vickery Art

There’s something about painting a portrait that is so uniquely painful and frustrating to me. But at the absolutely same time it makes me feel exhilarated and filled with hope and excitement. I don’t know why I get filled up with so many opposing emotions! I do know that painting a face puts me in a flow state.
I recorded this Time-lapse, because with every brushstroke, I literally don’t know what the following brushstroke will be. I don’t know if I can replicate it so recording it helps me to have faith in my own ability to wing it and trust the process.
My last portrait was a disaster, so I’m relieved that this one is not! I’d love to know what you think, comment on my Insta page and let me know!
Yesterday upon waking, I pulled my socks on, and tore a muscle or a tendon in my back. 😫 I’ve never felt a sensation like it in my life! It felt like a poker hot, angry fat snake ripping under my skin.
I was supposed to be spending the day taking nice photos of my submission pieces for the upcoming Stortford Art Fair. Instead I spent a fair portion of the day face down on the carpet (which sadly I haven’t hoovered in about…ooo…too long). Thanks to my hubby who stepped in to photograph, collate and take everything to the exhibition!
So sadly I won’t be making it to the exhibition myself this week, and won’t be able to do any Facebook Lives like I usually do. But I hope if anyone is in Stortford between this Thursday and Saturdy then they might pop into the exhibition and check out all the amazing artists who are exhibiting.
If you are interested in any of my artworks then please drop me a line, thanks 🙂

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