Meet your Art Coach: Gabrielle Vickery

Gabrielle Vickery is the founder of The Arthouse Oasis. She has always been artistic, enjoying her school years focusing on art lessons. Gabrielle went onto College and then University, where she achieved a BA (Hons) in Audio Visual design. Her speciality was animation, but after graduating she gravitated towards design and art.

She has been a graphic designer and illustrator ever since, and for the last 25 years has built up her Graphic Design business with her business partner.

Then two things happened to change her direction in life. The first was that she was diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine mammogram. The second was that her daughter was being bullied at school. These two hugely stressful experiences caused a massive shift in Gabrielle’s perspective on life. 

Whilst recovering from major surgery and trying to find a new school for her daughter she became more and more drawn to art as a way to increase her wellbeing. She soon came to realise that she could share the many benefits of art with others. And there the lightbulb flashed and her decision to open up an art studio was formed. The next day she created her brand and The Arthouse Oasis was born.

The Arthouse Oasis focuses on small group art workshops for beginners, mainly acrylic paint pouring and watercolours. Public and private sessions are available.

Gabrielle also holds acrylic painting workshops at The Little Arts Workshop, a creative pottery and arts studio in Bishop’s Stortford.

All of Gabrielle’s live events can be found here.

When she isn’t holding workshops in a tutoring capacity, Gabrielle paints for her own enjoyment and to sell. Her latest news can be found here, and her finished artworks can be viewed in her shop page.

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