Meet your Art Coach: Gabrielle Vickery

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My previous business background is in graphic design, illustration and website design, but my foundations have always been firmly rooted in art. I am also a fine artist, and in 2018 I opened my art studio in Bishop’s Stortford to help teach beginners how to draw and paint.

First-time artists are often convinced that they won’t produce anything worthwhile because they say they have no talent. I say that being creative isn’t about having talent. It’s about being brave and having a go. And then another. And just keep going. That’s the way you get better at art.

Along with teaching art, I love to paint florals in oils and acrylics. My intention is to paint loosely to capture movement and life on the canvas. I am also mesmerised by painting portraits; there’s something magical about capturing a face’s expression with only brushes and paint.

Why not join my art classes?

I run group art sessions, private 1-2-1’s, corporate workshops and sometimes even remote classes.

You can find my online art courses here: